We always love being contacted by publications - be it online or in print - it's so lovely to build our network of support and be featured to promote our brand and our products.

We have a large array of high resolution lifestyle and flat lay images, so if you like what we do, contact us and we can send you over a selection of those you are interested in.

Equally, it's important to us that as many people know about our brand as possible. 9 times out of 10 we don't do this through advertising but organically through Mums. So if you are a blogger, why not contact us, we could work well together :)
Washing & Size Guide

Washing Guide
We recommend washing all of our garments at 40 degree's for environmental reasons, however items can be washed up to 60 degree's should you wish
Wash bright colours separate to light colours and whites. Do not bleach
All items are suitable for tumble drying however always bear in mind line drying where possible
When ironing our items, iron on a medium heat to preserve the fabric quality, alternatively dry flat
Our prints are designed to be easy iron however please test on an inconspicuous area incase your iron is extremely hot

Size Guide
Newborn - Height 56cm and weight 4.5kg/10lb 
0-3 months - Height 62cm and weight 6.5kg/14.5lb 
3-6 months - Height 68cm and weight 8.0kg/17.5lb
6-9 months - Height 74cm and weight 9.0kg/20lb |
9-12 months - Height 80cm
12-18 months - Height 86cm
18 months-2 years - Height 92cm
2-3 years - Height 98cm
3-4 years - Height 104cm