Organic Fabrics

Organic Cotton
Our organic cotton is lovely, soft and breathable - it keeps your gorgeous Little Moo warm in the winter and cool in the summer due to it's natural fibres. Organic Cotton is perfect for children with allergies and there is no need to worry about the material irritating your little ones skin because it is a healthier, cleaner fabric than standard cotton. Not only that, but organic cotton avoids agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers which yields a better quality of soil and does not damage the insect ecosystem, which in turn enhances biological cycles as well as lots of other clever science stuff to benefit our world

Bamboo is an incredible fabric.  Not only is it natural and organic but it's also gorgeously soft (even after extensive washing). Bamboo towel absorbs 5 times more than standard towel and is naturally anti-bacterial, free from harmful chemicals, totally allergen free and ideal for sensitive skin.  All of our Dribble Bubbs products feature this incredible fabric for it's anti-bacterial and absorbent qualities, which means when your beautiful Little Moo has a little accident, you can be rest assured that the germs are being absorbed into the clever anti-bacterial fibres and the germs being killed on contact.  
Whilst Bamboo is an expensive fabric to produce and manufacture, we pride ourselves on using only the finest purely because it works perfectly for wiping sticky messy hands, snotty dribble faces and containing any potty accidents. 


Washing & Size Guide

Washing Guide
We recommend washing all of our garments at 40 degree's for environmental reasons, however items can be washed up to 60 degree's should you wish
Wash bright colours separate to light colours and whites. Do not bleach
All items are suitable for tumble drying however always bear in mind line drying where possible
When ironing our items, iron on a medium heat to preserve the fabric quality, alternatively dry flat
Our prints are designed to be easy iron however please test on an inconspicuous area incase your iron is extremely hot

Size Guide
Newborn - Height 56cm and weight 4.5kg/10lb 
0-3 months - Height 62cm and weight 6.5kg/14.5lb 
3-6 months - Height 68cm and weight 8.0kg/17.5lb
6-9 months - Height 74cm and weight 9.0kg/20lb |
9-12 months - Height 80cm
12-18 months - Height 86cm
18 months-2 years - Height 92cm
2-3 years - Height 98cm
3-4 years - Height 104cm