Eco-Friendly Values

At Quack Quack Moo we believe in being as organic and eco-friendly as we can be. We will continue to strive to use new technologies, fabrics and materials that will help us help you, which in turn, will help our world and benefit your little one as they grow up

We are firm believers in less is more so we keep it simple. The majority of our packaging and stationary is not only recycled raw material but we also try to not use too much paper and recycle wherever we can. Unfortunately however, we have had to use plastic seals on our products for health and safety British Standards reasons ensure stock is received in optimum condition

Where possible, the plastic we use is biodegradable. Standard plastic bags are a severe environmental issue which litter beautiful landscapes; ones that would be perfect for running and jumping; they contaminate the soil, the sea AND consume millions of gallons of oil that could be used for more important things

In the Quack Quack Moo head office, our sales office, our warehouse and our manufacturing factory - we recycle everything! From fabric off-cuts to tiny bits of paper. Any end of line stock that isn't sold, gets sent to worldwide orphanages to ensure we do our bit. So in return, we ask for you to do that too - PLEASE recycle our tags and despatch notes as well as any other packaging you may receive

Our labels and tags are produced to provide real environmental benefits with chemistry-free imaging that is safer and healthier. The process reduces waste and the waterless printing eliminates harmful VOC emissions. I have no idea what that means but I’m told it’s a good thing so it sounds great to me if it helps the environment  

We know it’s a very nice experience to receive a letter through your door but by putting pen to paper, it actually costs the earth – literally. If we can avoid it – we do. Not to be big meanies but because there are other options… All of our invoices are sent through email, however if you require a paper one, you can request it.
Sadly, for legal reasons, we have to send you a despatch note in your package. This is for our benefit as well as yours     

We recommend washing your garments at 40 degree's. Not only because it will preserve the garment to its best, but also because it will preserve our world. Obviously kids can be mucky pups, so where needed, feel free to do a hotter wash but just bear in mind our “40 Wash Rule”.
Our products also state that they are "suitable for tumble drying", again this isn't something we recommend but we understand that this is something us busy Mums sometimes have to do! If your item becomes stained, try soaking it as soon as possible use with standard washing up liquid :)

Washing & Size Guide

Washing Guide
We recommend washing all of our garments at 40 degree's for environmental reasons, however items can be washed up to 60 degree's should you wish
Wash bright colours separate to light colours and whites. Do not bleach
All items are suitable for tumble drying however always bear in mind line drying where possible
When ironing our items, iron on a medium heat to preserve the fabric quality, alternatively dry flat
Our prints are designed to be easy iron however please test on an inconspicuous area incase your iron is extremely hot

Size Guide
Newborn - Height 56cm and weight 4.5kg/10lb 
0-3 months - Height 62cm and weight 6.5kg/14.5lb 
3-6 months - Height 68cm and weight 8.0kg/17.5lb
6-9 months - Height 74cm and weight 9.0kg/20lb |
9-12 months - Height 80cm
12-18 months - Height 86cm
18 months-2 years - Height 92cm
2-3 years - Height 98cm
3-4 years - Height 104cm