Reminiscing: The Start Of Something New

February 04, 2009

Reminiscing: The Start Of Something New

We have recently been to a few baby and toddler shows, not only for our own parenting needs but networking with brands and speaking to Mums and Mums-to-be introducing them to our new unique business, Elsie Lollipop.
So far so good! The response has been really positive and we have had a wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Practical Parenting Magazine on how it all started. Katie was shocked to hear of how we operate and the lengths we go to to be as organic and eco-friendly as humanly possible so I thought I'd share it through our blog with you too?! 

Elsie Lollipop started to find it's roots when our son, Josh, was born with very sensitive skin and was often on medication for eczema, rashes and eye problems. After many months of trial and error, doctors believed it was due to the fabrics we were dressing him in.

I began to research organic fabrics and ways to help him but found there wasn’t anything out there that teamed the three aspects I really wanted: price point, design and practicality and so, like many other parents, I was forced to purchase unfit items through high-street chains that were impractical, poorly designed and highly priced for the fabrics and manufacture they provided. 
Using my fashion and business knowledge my friend and I packed our bags and headed to Paris to find sustainable fabrics with health benefits at Premiere Vision - a fabric trade show. Armed with fake business cards and a note pad we scoured the show to find the best fabrics money could buy and there they were bamboo towel and organic cotton :)
Straight away I bought a roll of each and started to make him clothing and accessories and instantly saw a difference! His skin wasn't itchy and sore, his breathing at night changed and he stopped getting eye infections. It was a miracle! 
Over the course of a few months, I started to make clothes for friends and family. Then I started to sell the clothes Josh had grown out of secondhand on Ebay, when a happy customer asked me where I had bought them because she wanted to buy more! It was this light bulb moment that this all started and here we are!

When you buy an Elsie Lollipop product we get started on your hand made garment. We get out our natural rolls of fabric and cut the pattern pieces, next these fabric pieces head over to be organically dyed using natural vegetable dyes where they sit and are stirred by hand every hour for four hours. 
Once we have colour matched the fabric it's then time for a spin in the washing machine (using eco friendly washing powder) to remove any excess dye then it's time for au naturelle drying in the crisp air of Kent!


Once dry, either myself, my Mum or my Auntie stitch your garment together - which is where the magic happens - those tiny scraps of fabric are whizzed into something wonderful! The health and safety comes in at this point, checking each seam, going through the metal detector to ensure there are no pins in the fabric and vigorously checking the quality of the item before being walked across the road for the thermo eco printing of any detail to be applied.
Finally, the recycled packaging is attached, it is lovingly gift wrapped and then packaged to send out direct to your door! 


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Washing & Size Guide

Washing Guide
We recommend washing all of our garments at 40 degree's for environmental reasons, however items can be washed up to 60 degree's should you wish
Wash bright colours separate to light colours and whites. Do not bleach
All items are suitable for tumble drying however always bear in mind line drying where possible
When ironing our items, iron on a medium heat to preserve the fabric quality, alternatively dry flat
Our prints are designed to be easy iron however please test on an inconspicuous area incase your iron is extremely hot

Size Guide
Newborn - Height 56cm and weight 4.5kg/10lb 
0-3 months - Height 62cm and weight 6.5kg/14.5lb 
3-6 months - Height 68cm and weight 8.0kg/17.5lb
6-9 months - Height 74cm and weight 9.0kg/20lb |
9-12 months - Height 80cm
12-18 months - Height 86cm
18 months-2 years - Height 92cm
2-3 years - Height 98cm
3-4 years - Height 104cm