New Year, New Start: Our New Factory

January 03, 2014

New Year, New Start: Our New Factory

It's with regret to inform all of our customers and retailers we have had to shut the doors on our UK factory due to staggering rental prices in North London. For the past few months our manufacturer has had to raise their production costs to cover the heightened rent which in turn is making our organic fabric purchases unviable. We do not want to change our company to standard cotton - we love our organic fabrics and eco-friendly processes but we simply can't charge you, all our lovely customers, a ridiculous price simply because we manufacture in the UK.

So with a heavy heart we have decided to hop on a plane and travel to Istanbul where our new factory is based. We have chosen this particular location because all of our organic fabrics are shipped from Turkey already, so what does that mean? Well, it means you still get amazing quality organic fabrics, we still provide an eco-friendly manufacture at our new factory AND we've lowered the price of our products :) 
With both fabric manufacture and product manufacture being in the same place it means less shipping costs and import taxes so we are passing on those savings direct to you! #winning

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We Are Now Available In Australia
We Are Now Available In Australia

February 09, 2017

G'day mate! We are now officially available down under in Australia with our new - and first - distributor supporting us along the way. We haven't looked into the distribution of our products before but are pleased to say we have signed on the dotted line!

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We Have Rebranded!!!
We Have Rebranded!!!

September 12, 2016

Finally, the hard work from Mynt has paid off and we are the brand new owners of our wonderful new website, our new super cute characters and our fabulous logo - now comes the hard bit! We need to put it all together and make everything fabulous again!

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We've Only Gone & Done It Again...
We've Only Gone & Done It Again...

May 01, 2016

... Yes indeey, we have WON the Online E-Commerce Newcomer Awards!!! Out of the hundreds of UK entries we have been selected as the winners of the Shopify online community specialising in the baby wear market!

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Washing & Size Guide

Washing Guide
We recommend washing all of our garments at 40 degree's for environmental reasons, however items can be washed up to 60 degree's should you wish
Wash bright colours separate to light colours and whites. Do not bleach
All items are suitable for tumble drying however always bear in mind line drying where possible
When ironing our items, iron on a medium heat to preserve the fabric quality, alternatively dry flat
Our prints are designed to be easy iron however please test on an inconspicuous area incase your iron is extremely hot

Size Guide
Newborn - Height 56cm and weight 4.5kg/10lb 
0-3 months - Height 62cm and weight 6.5kg/14.5lb 
3-6 months - Height 68cm and weight 8.0kg/17.5lb
6-9 months - Height 74cm and weight 9.0kg/20lb |
9-12 months - Height 80cm
12-18 months - Height 86cm
18 months-2 years - Height 92cm
2-3 years - Height 98cm
3-4 years - Height 104cm